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Research Areas:

   Energy, Environment, and

   National and Homeland

   Infrastructure Assurance

   Emergency Preparedness

   Social Dynamics

   Policy Analysis

Core Capabilities:

   Systems Analysis

   Modeling, Simulation, and

   Complex Adaptive Systems

   Decision and Risk Analysis

   Information Sciences

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Program Fact Sheets:

  • COMPARE: Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis
  • CVMDM: Community Vaccination and Mass Dispensing Model
  • ELIST: Enhanced Logistics Intratheater Support Tool
  • EMCAS: Electricity Markets Complex Adaptive System
  • EMTools: Complete Emergency Management Lifecycle Solution
  • EMTools and Sharepoint Services: Emergency Response Planning
  • ENPEP-BALANCE: Long-Term Nuclear Power Market Simulations
  • GTMax: Deregulated Power Market Analysis Tool
  • LPAT: Logistics and Process Analysis Tool
  • NGFast: Rapid Assessment of Natural Gas Pipeline Breaks
  • NGReal-Time: Processing and Analysis Tools for Natural Gas Delivery System
  • RESTORE: Modeling Interdependent Repair/Restoration Processes
  • SPP: Special Population Planner
  • Simphony: Toolkit for Composing Advanced Integrated Simulations
  • TARGET: Transportability Analysis Reports Generator

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