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Sync Matrix Enterprise

The Sync Matrix tool is a key component in Argonne’s Sync Matrix Enterprise Process —a structured problem-solving approach that facilitates the development of preparedness plans. This specially designed software provides emergency management professionals with an interactive planning tool that presents a picture of the many interactions that occur as a response unfolds over time. It helps emergency planners better organize, visualize, and analyze the flow of activities within and across response jurisdictions, be they “geo-political” areas (states, counties, and municipalities), corporate entities (national, regional, district, and individual stores), or departments and agencies of a larger organization structure. The software serves as a collaborative workspace, allowing the planning team to work individually or as a team, as appropriate. It also serves as a record of planning processes for later use in orienting new staff, informing elected leaders, guiding a response, or completing after-action analyses. Designed for ease of use, Sync Matrix uses a frame structure similar to other software products that users may already be familiar with.


Predecessor and successor relationships are established among all nodes in the matrices.

Centralized Repository
Jurisdictions, departments, and positions are defined once and then available for many different emergency response plans.

Operating System Libraries
Preloaded operating system libraries are provided, including several predefined libraries, such as the Emergency Management (“EM”) Operating System. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Mission Areas, and Emergency Support Functions.

Scenario Builder
Emergency/disaster response scenarios are available for any planning set.

Thread Builder
Common sequences of activities and their relationships are available for reuse.

Inter-Jurisdictional Dependencies
Correlated activities among jurisdictions and departments are identifiable.

“Master” Matrix
Individual jurisdiction-specific matrices can be combined into a single matrix that shows the entire response.


Intuitive User Interface
Common Windows applications, such as Outlook and Word are used.

Visual Data Manipulation
Users can interact graphically with matrix.

Role-based Security
Authorization is required to modify data.

“Knowledge-at-a-Glance” Activity Graphics
Activity nodes graphically display responsible jurisdiction, department, and position in the matrix.

Various Outputs
Output can be viewed through plotted matrix and activity reports, including Adobe® Acrobat® versions.

Microsoft® Excel® Export
Information is exportable to Microsoft® Excel®.


Stand-alone or Client Server
Remote and local access to data via replication.

Microsoft .NET.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

For information on how to acquire Sync Matrix Enterprise, contact the Argonne National Laboratory Office of Technology Transfer Software Shop.


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