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PROTECT: Program of Response Options and Technology Enhancements for Chemical/Biological Terrorism

Protect StationThe PROTECT system, developed by Argonne’s Infrastructure Assurance Center, is an early warning crisis management system that can detect a chemical release in interior structures, such as subways or transportation terminals. Terrorists have targeted these facilities in the past in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Japan.

In the event of a terrorist attack or other emergency, PROTECT has proved to significantly reduce response time in a subway or transportation terminal. In 2001 in Washington, DC, a preparedness exercise demonstrated the effectiveness of PROTECT: the system significantly reduced the time required for an organized response — from 35 minutes to 5 minutes. PROTECT can be applied to high-threat subway systems, transportation terminals, airports, or buildings. Moreover, it is scalable from single-site to metropolitan-wide applications.

The PROTECT system also provides dual-use capabilities. Past routine applications relate to law enforcement needs, such as tracking crowds during holiday celebrations, monitoring political conventions, replaying videos in criminal investigations and accidents, and providing video support to unknown substance investigations.

For more information about PROTECT, contact Pat Wilkey.

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