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Research Areas:

   Energy, Environment, and

   National and Homeland

   Infrastructure Assurance

   Emergency Preparedness

   Social Dynamics

   Policy Analysis

Core Capabilities:

   Systems Analysis

   Modeling, Simulation, and

   Complex Adaptive Systems

   Decision Support and Risk

   Information Sciences

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Center for Energy, Environmental,
and Economic Systems Analysis


Wind Power Forecasting and Electricity Markets

In order to improve wind power forecasting and its use in power system and electricity market operations Argonne National Laboratory has assembled a team of experts in wind power forecasting, electricity market modeling, wind farm development, and power system operations.

Wind power forecasting is an important tool for managing the inherent variability and uncertainty in wind power generation. Higher forecasting accuracy contributes to reduce the probability of an unexpected gap between scheduled and actual wind power generation, and this can be of great help for operators of power systems and wind power plants.

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Center Description

The Center for Energy, Environmental, and Economic Systems Analysis (CEEESA) is part of Argonne's Decision and Information Sciences Division (DIS). CEEESA activities focus on (1) power systems analysis, (2) energy systems analysis, and (3) environmental systems analysis. Our multi-disciplinary staff has in-depth expertise in the scientific, engineering, and social science disciplines critical to analyzing and solving today's energy and environmental problems. We have extensive experience in deploying our multi-disciplinary teams of specialists to address complex energy and environmental problems of international and regional importance. CEEESA specializes in the development of innovative methodologies, systems, and analytical tools that can be used for energy, economic, and environmental systems analysis and to facilitate credible decision making.

CEEESA's mission is to develop, apply, and transfer tools and techniques to analyze energy, environmental, and economic issues. The methodologies and tools we develop include computer-based simulation models of the energy system for national, regional, and international applications.

For more information, contact:

Guenter Conzelmann
Decision and Information Sciences Division
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Ave., Bldg. 221
Argonne, IL 60439
Phone: 630-252-7173
Fax: 630-252-9868
E-mail Guenter Conzelmann

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