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Research Areas:

   Energy, Environment, and

   National and Homeland

   Infrastructure Assurance

   Emergency Preparedness

   Social Dynamics

   Policy Analysis

Core Capabilities:

   Systems Analysis

   Modeling, Simulation, and

   Complex Adaptive Systems

   Decision Support and Risk

   Information Sciences

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Policy Analysis

Policy can be defined as a framework that is used to guide decisions and actions to achieve a set of objectives. Public policy, or policy that is developed by governments, has a far-reaching impact on individuals, businesses, nations, and the international community. It is imperative that public policy be developed with complete information and with a rigorous analysis of the consequences of its implementation. Policy analysis is the term used to carry out this effort.

Argonne has applied its expertise and the tools it has developed in systems analysis to the analysis of public policy in the fields of:

Argonne-developed tools for conducting policy analysis include:

  • Computer Simulation Models
  • Databases
  • Decision Analysis Methodologies
  • Macro- and Microeconomic Analyses
  • Life Cycle Analyses
  • Technology Assessments

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